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    USA Made 100% RECYCLED COFFEE GROUNDS with almost no caffeine for COOP/ANIMAL BEDDING medium: All natural, dried, spent, medium grind coffee grounds.  Natural insect, cat, rodent and squirrel repellent.   LONG-LASTING (could last 3 to 6 months with tending care), EASY, QUICK waste CLEAN-UP (reacts like kitty litter). Doesn’t break down like wood shavings or hay.  NO DUST. Transform your farm/backyard coop into a LUXURY SPA cafe. (coffee scented) Hens, turkeys, ducks and quail love to DUST BATHE in it.  NUTRITIONAL BENEFIT: .06% POTASSIUM and is 100% SAFE for your clutch to eat.  The grounds are high in nitrogen and great for your garden bedding too.  RECOMMENDED layer to be two inches to three inches thick (40 to 80 pounds for a 30” x 30” nesting box) for BEST RESULTS.    

    Q: Which Came First the Chicken or the Egg?

    A: DAY 3 Genesis 1: 9-13

    Why we began this adventure:   Our family company dries spent coffee grounds as a recycled material for animal and garden bedding.  We started our business on July 4, 2023. We researched an easy, cost-effective alternative form of nesting product because we wanted to keep our coop smelling fresh, staying clean and to be easily maintained. The idea is imagined, but there is no product readily available throughout most of the United States. We found a local distributor of coffee and tea products and bid them for their spent materials. We then began drying vast drums full of coffee grounds for ourselves. We have two teen boys who do not like to clean (but do it because they have to) and we wanted something to make our jobs easier, as chickens aren’t the cleanest of pets. We went from farm scent to coop café with a fairly thick layer of grounds in our coop and the time spent sifting the waste turned in to a simple and clean task without wasting the bedding medium. We’re still filling our coop, as our chicken palace is 30′ x 17′, which is equal to over a half a ton of spent grounds.

    For Coops: SPENT GROUNDS ONLY. It’s nutritious for the hens (.06% potassium)and they love dusting in it. The grounds bind to the chicken waste like kitty litter. Sift the waste out and maintain a clean bed of grounds without wasting the product. The grounds help keep insects down; Cats and rodents are deterred by it. A bedding of 75 pounds (about a 3″ layer in a 30″x 30″ nesting box) should last three to five months with proper cleaning. A 2″-3″ thick layer is recommended for the entire coop, but not necessary. It can be mixed with a hay layer as well, or any other bedding medium, but some do only use coffee grounds. It will eliminate the farm odor and has a pleasantly mild coffee scent. There’s no need to remove and replace unless it gets wet and moldy: Simply refill.
    The process : RECYCLING! We buy 55 gallon drums of wet, spent, regular grind coffee grounds from a local Southern California company and dry, dry, dry, and dry some more. There are a few steps to the drying process to make sure it’s dry. When we are done drying, we store it in burlap sacks with wicking packets to make sure it stays dry. The sacks are then stored in our cool garage.
    Your Pets & Animals: Chickens love it. It is toxic to horses. It can be toxic to dogs, however dogs tend to leave it alone in our experience. We have three dogs and none of them have bothered it. It repels cats, mice, rats & squirrels.
    Your Compost & Garden: Worms thrive with it in worm bins. It’s great for your garden. High in Nitrogen.
    Interested in composting with worms? Check this out
    We do all the hard work to get you Your Royal Grounds product.

    Customers reviews

    Ordered 50lbs for my animals. They absolutely love it
    Richard Thomas
    Local Farmer
    My chickens absolutely love it...thank you.
    Martha Stoneheim
    Plant Nursury Manager
    Keeps my chicken coops dry and clean
    Mike Simon
    Poultry Farmer
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